Actually, this is the Lanyon building, a grand old hall in the style of Harry Potter, etc. I don't actually work in that building. I work just up the street from it.

But it's lovely inside. I don't want to spoil the mystery of it by posting images. You'll have to come and see for yourself.

Where do I actually work? It's just left of the frame. I work in a row of Georgian houses, that are actually lovely in their own way. My office is on the top floor of one of the row houses, and I look out on a construction site and a street. Today the weather was fickle and windy, and I watched the skies change over the campus.

Here's another picture before I go (my office is juuuust to the left out of the frame):


09/19/2013 8:54am

I am enjoying following your blog! I also think the Lanyan Building is beautiful. Looks like I might be over in mid-November, but still a bit tentative.

09/19/2013 3:27pm

I love the moisture on the ground. Feels like Ireland!


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